A Reflection on My Learning Free EssaysA Reflection on My Learning Free Essays

Coming from a modest background in the countryside, I have been fortunate to have traveled to various parts of the world observing many rich cultures and traditions of humanity.  These travels were not only a mean to satisfy my inner urge to learn more about people across the world but also a sincere effort to observe how they find solutions to their daily life problems. I believe in strong traditional values of family and culture, and being hands-on in my approach toward different facets of life, including the problems faced by people around the globe. We will write a custom essay sample on A Reflection on My Learning or any similar topic only for you Order Now   Gaining an understanding of other people’s lives, in my opinion, is a way for me to find solutions for them when they feel that they cannot do so for themselves. Belonging to the countryside never stopped me from dreaming and knowing more about people.  Traveling has introduced to me an outlet where I can freely share my knowledge and experience with people whom I meet.

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